Legal Mentoring, Marketing and Branding Services


“Dave is one of the first people I think of to call when I need advice. Every answer I get is, literally, right on the money. As a new lawyer learning to navigate the legal/business world, Dave helped me analyze my career path and negotiate with my employer. He was extremely accessible on a tight deadline and could not have analyzed the situation any better. I would not be where I am today without Dave!”

– Danielle Johnson, Attorney at Law 

“Dave has been a prime mover in helping us build the leading mentoring program in legal education, and he has the rare ability to cut through the white noise of trendy innovations to help ensure the alignment of institutional mission with market reality.”

– Robert K. Vischer, Dean and Professor of Law, University of St. Thomas Law School

“As a new lawyer, I went to Dave for advice on my career goals and future path. He provided me with helpful, real-world advice that proved to be right on point. I am so grateful for the time he took to listen to my situation and help me plan out a solution that was right for me. His experience and insight into the legal world are invaluable and assisted me in ways that words cannot express.”

– Jessica A. Ommen, Attorney at Law, Erstad & Riemer, P.A.