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What Makes Bateson Consulting Different

David Bateson, Bateson Consulting LLC“There are a lot of consultants who work on mentoring in general. When it comes to mentoring in the legal profession, however, there are many things that make it a unique challenge. With Bateson Consulting, I bring my real world legal experience to the equation.

“I did the big firm thing.  I built my own book of business in a practice area. I’ve tried cases. I’ve done the things that lawyers are asked to do, and I think that makes me different from a lot of the consultants out there in that I’m going to bring both perspectives to it.

“I believe in mentoring and have been studying it from every angle for more than a decade. I probably know as much about mentoring in the legal profession as anybody in the country. I also bring with it a strong business sense for what a law firm or an employer needs, because I recognize that piece of it as well. I’ve been on that side of it. I’ve had to care about the economics of my law firm. I’ve had to do the partnership track. I’ve had to succeed on the objective measures that law firms use.

“I see both sides of it, and I think that’s an interesting intersection that I bring that makes me unique as a consultant.”

– David Bateson