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How To Create Goals That Lead To Success

Posted on Jun 27, 2016 in Blog, Mentoring, Professional Development

With so many things to juggle, lawyers need to be efficient about setting the right goals and using the best methods to meet those goals. Duhigg’s suggestions for improving our goal setting, both long term and in daily life, offer you a chance to revise the way you set goals and get things done.

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How To Be A More Focused Lawyer

Posted on Jun 17, 2016 in Blog, Mentoring, Professional Development

We all can benefit for the better decisions that flow from being focused on the right things no matter how much stress heads our way.

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Building Better Teams of Lawyers

Posted on Jun 10, 2016 in Blog, Marketing, Mentoring, Professional Development

Creating and managing successful teams engages a set of skills that many lawyers must work to improve. The good news is that Duhigg has given lawyers a roadmap on how to create and manage more successful teams. As clients increasingly demand teams of lawyers, whether inside the same firm or across firms, teamwork is increasing in importance. Now is a good time to consider the ideas in Smarter, Faster, Better to see if you can be a better team leader and team member.

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Keeping Your Lawyers Motivated

Posted on Jun 3, 2016 in Blog, Mentoring, Professional Development

How different would your work environment be if new lawyers were given projects with lots of freedom to make choices about accomplishing the project? Imagine if they received feedback from a mentor on how each of the choices fits within the larger case and client context? You could be helping your new lawyers develop one of the most important skills needed – self-motivation.

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How To Make Your Legal Workplace Attractive To Millennial Lawyers

Posted on May 15, 2016 in Blog, Mentoring, Professional Development

Some ideas to make your legal workplace more attractive to millennial lawyers.

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Stop Searching For Yoda

Posted on Apr 26, 2016 in Blog, Mentoring, Professional Development

The problem is that there are no Yoda’s in the real world. Too often I see newer lawyers looking for their legal Yoda. They want to find the one mentor who can do it all for them. The mentor who will teach them how to be a great lawyer, sponsor and promote them on their career path, all while encouraging them and keeping them happy and upbeat. They want to find one mentor who can excel at all four of the mentoring functions.

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Why You Are Not Just A Lawyer

Posted on Apr 14, 2016 in Mentoring, Professional Development, Uncategorized

I am not just a lawyer. Neither are you. The sooner you realize that the faster you can move towards your own professional success. The reality is that most attorneys are not only lawyers; they are entrepreneurs as well.

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Friends, Work Friends, and Other Relationships

Posted on Mar 31, 2016 in Blog, Mentoring, Professional Development

Take a moment this week to map out your friendship circles and your broader network. Do you have a solid core of inner friends that you can rely on if you change jobs? Have you built a group of work friends so that your job is enjoyable? If either area is deficient, how can you build it up?

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Networking The Right Way

Posted on Mar 17, 2016 in Blog, Marketing, Mentoring, Professional Development

One of my favorite books of all time is Keith Ferrazzi’s Never Eat Alone And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time. I recently re-read the book.

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Could You Be “10% Happier”?

Posted on Mar 11, 2016 in Blog, Mentoring, Professional Development

I am generally interested in ways to make life better. Most ideas for how to make life better seem to focus on big life changes. There is a prevailing sense that the path to a better life is arduous, involves huge changes followed by big results.

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