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Your Personal Brand And Your Professional Reputation

Posted on Jan 15, 2018 in Blog, Marketing, Mentoring, Professional Development

Great mentors are mindful of the advice of St. Francis DeSalles that the mentee must, “Be you and be that well.”

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The Most Effective Way to Have Your Concerns Heard

Posted on May 22, 2017 in Blog, Marketing, Mentoring, Professional Development

How you raise your complaints may have a huge impact on whether they get addressed. You cannot assume that leaders understand your commitment to the organization when you raise your concerns. Making that commitment clear has a huge impact on how firm leaders are likely to respond.

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Could Computers Soon Replace Lawyers?

Posted on Oct 13, 2016 in Blog, Marketing, Professional Development

I have no idea what the next ten years holds for our profession but I think we should all be asking these questions. Innovation and disruption seem, ironically enough, to be the only constants in our world these days. The smartest lawyers will be those who constantly ask themselves, “what if?” not those who blindly assume that what they bill for now will still be available in five years.

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Building Better Teams of Lawyers

Posted on Jun 10, 2016 in Blog, Marketing, Mentoring, Professional Development

Creating and managing successful teams engages a set of skills that many lawyers must work to improve. The good news is that Duhigg has given lawyers a roadmap on how to create and manage more successful teams. As clients increasingly demand teams of lawyers, whether inside the same firm or across firms, teamwork is increasing in importance. Now is a good time to consider the ideas in Smarter, Faster, Better to see if you can be a better team leader and team member.

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Networking The Right Way

Posted on Mar 17, 2016 in Blog, Marketing, Mentoring, Professional Development

One of my favorite books of all time is Keith Ferrazzi’s Never Eat Alone And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time. I recently re-read the book.

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What Your Law Firm Could Learn From The NFL

Posted on Nov 16, 2015 in Blog, Marketing, Professional Development

No matter how successful you are today, you have to keep an eye on the big changes that could hit you in the future. Some changes are predictable while others are not. You need to have a solid culture of innovation in place so your firm can continue to adapt and succeed as the legal profession continues to evolve.

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Are You Being A Shrewd Animal?

Posted on Oct 12, 2015 in Blog, Marketing, Mentoring, Professional Development

Take a look at your networking. Are you focused only on your own gain or are you committed to developing deep and meaningful commitments?

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Are You Happy At Work?

Posted on Jun 8, 2015 in Blog, Marketing, Mentoring, Professional Development

Tal Ben-Shahar teaches the most popular course at Harvard. Ben-Shahar teaches a course on how to be happier. One semester his course had a enrollment of 855 students! Ben-Shahar has written a book summarizing the course he teaches. The book, Happier: Learn the Secrets to Daily Joy and Lasting Fulfillment is a good roadmap to evaluating your own life. I have previously blogged on Martin Seligman’s book, Flourish. Flourish provides a good overview of the theory behind the positive psychology movement, Happier is the practical application. Happier is full of interesting observations about how we lead our lives, which choices make us happier and how we even define happiness. In this post, however, I want to focus on chapter 7, Happiness in the Workplace, and what it might mean for legal employers. Ben-Shahar notes that the Hebrew words for...

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How To Be A Kinder Attorney

Posted on Jun 1, 2015 in Blog, Marketing, Mentoring, Professional Development

Being kind is simply the right thing to do and the right way to treat people. At the same time, I also believe the being kind can have a huge positive business impact. People are drawn to working with kind lawyers.

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Should Lawyers “Think Like A Freak”?

Posted on May 11, 2015 in Blog, Marketing, Mentoring, Professional Development

Thinking like a freak is not easy. In many ways it is hard for lawyers to think like a freak. Most importantly, it is likely to make you very unpopular or at least viewed with some suspicion. But, why not consider being different? Perhaps thinking like a freak is exactly what our profession needs in a time of major change.

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